birthday present to myself

yesterday was my birthday. as a lady, i will not reveal my age – let’s just say that 3 days ago i was 54.

so what do you do for your birthday? i turned my phone on ” emergency calls only” setting. it was very strange, yet very rewarding.

make no mistake, i used it before. however before it was done for the sake of not disturbing others (mostly during meetings with clients). even if you are catching up for coffee with me, the setting was on – i’m present with my friend here and now. however, never done it for myself.

it’s strange and new. things happen. there is a lot of pressure to catch up with emails. but nearly on the top of it.

today is going to be trying. need to engage a professional services (consultants, possibly lawyers) as our building requires some form of action due to cladding. there are a lot of terms thrown around and no clarity. pressure is building fast.

yet yesterday for a few hours i was relaxed. and I did it for myself. it feels good. no resolutions to do it on the regular basis – don’t want to fail. just reflection on the time when for a few hours there was a gentle sunshine and a crow outside my window.

getting away from social media

Getting away from social media is hard. Is it possible? In our age and time? Do my posts make difference? Do people even read blogs or is it all just headlines?

I think it’s time to start something positive.

So inspired by someone else, I decided to make use this instead of the diary. Let’s see where it will take me.

Dreams, money and plans

Like it or not, money play a large part of our lives. There are so many different opinions on how to use your money. Sometimes we want to do everything – buy a new home with the new furniture and a brand new car, progress career and grow business while going on holidays (possibly sailing on your brand new yacht in Mediterranean and somehow combining it with exclusive shopping). Okay, shopping is not for everyone…..How about personal assistant to go shopping for you if you don’t like it? Still on track?

Calling professional financial specialist often helps to achieve your dreams. We will provide you with first consultation free of charge. So what is your dream? Let’s get started – call or email us.